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Jon Yuan Jiang is a strategic risk advisor and scholar, and an enthusiastic engager across the fields of media, think tanks, academia, and business.


Jon is internationally known for his analysis of international policy. As a Chinese, English, and Russian speaker, he has provided analysis related to China, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, the US, India, Europe, the Pacific, and Southeast Asia. He has been recognized in Australia and globally as an authority on China’s Belt & Road Initiative, China-Russia relations, and China-Australia relations. He was one of the leading voices internationally to suggest that the Chinese government should change its policy towards Russia during Russia’s invasion against Ukraine.

He has been a Young Leader of the US-based Pacific Forum, a member of the US-based Global China Connection and a delegate of the 11th Australia China Youth Dialogue. He is one of the “pioneer members” at the GE Morrison Institute. 

Unique Value Proposition


  • Offer tailored research for corporate and university clients across trade, law, economy, infrastructure, education, high-tech, energy, agriculture, and international relations.

  • Provide strategic guidance for internationalisation and global engagement.

  • Help clients to shape their media narratives in this politically volatile world.

  • Help businesses to understand the variables and promote sales when entering/investing in these regional markets.

  • Provide background profiling of any key international figures.

  • Assist elite students to draft overseas study applications.

Work Experience

Jon has had a very diverse career. He worked as an account manager (sales) with the ZTE Corporation; as a special correspondent with Hong Kong-based Asia Weekly and Shanghai-based Pengpai News; and as a broker with Taiwanese clients for oil and gas contracts. He was a leading co-founder of the LockBreakers Consulting firm, in partnership with a German professional from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, to produce political and economic assessments on a wide variety of Eurasian issues. He interned in Chinese think tanks, courts, and protectorates, and assisted numerous mainland Chinese elite students wishing to study overseas.

In Australia, Jon earned his PhD in Media and Communication, focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative in Australia. His PhD included interviewing several prominent experts, such as former Australian Foreign Minister, Gareth Evans. In Russia, Jon completed a Master’s Degree in Political Economy at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, concentrating on Sino-Russian relations. In China, Jon completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Law at Shanghai University.


He has also taught at Shandong University and Shanghai University in China, at the Development Strategy Center in Uzbekistan, and at the University of Sydney in Australia.  


Jon has published over 70 media and think tank pieces and 9 academic journal articles on the Belt and Road Initiative, Sino-Australian relations, Sino-Russian relations, Post-Soviet Union areas such as Central Asia and Ukraine, the Chinese economy, China’s banking industry, business strategy in China, global economic trends, China’s domestic politics and law, and mainstream media analysis (available on his LinkedIn):

Jon has been invited to provide expert comments and analyses in over 65 media interviews (available on his LinkedIn):

  • American media: NBC News, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Chief Investment Officer, Yahoo Finance, Duowei News.

  • British media or think tanks: Financial Times, E-International Relations.

  • Australian media: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Special Broadcasting Service, The New Daily.

  • German media: Deutsche Welle.

  • Singaporean media: Strait Times, Lianhe Zaobao.

  • Irish media: Business Post.

  • Spanish media: El Mundo.

  • Russian media: Russia Today, Russian Channel One, Synergy News, Moscow Speaks.

  • Hong Kong media: South China Morning Post, Asia Times.

  • Indonesian media: Foreign Policy Talks.

  • French media: Euronews.

  • Danish media: Weekendavisen.

  • Arabic media: Asharq News.

  • Chinese media: People’s Daily

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